Invisible Ink With Glasses & Invisible Ink Contact Lenses – Gpt Marked Cards

Our anti-theft cards invisible ink contact lens use silicone hydrogel invisible ink glasses, hydrated polymers and are therefore non-toxic invisible ink glasses poker. Soft and hard lenses are available for standard contact lenses. GS contact lens were designed to be worn comfortably when reading marked cheat decks. Our contact ink lens cards strictly adhere to the process rules. 13.5mm-14.5mm are the most commonly used contact lens diameter range. Practical applications will be affected because the diameter is greater than this range. The central thickness of contact lenses can also impact the wear comfort and ease of use. Contact lenses with invisibleink have a lower center thickness, which directly impacts the clarity of reading cheat card cards. A 0.06mm thick invisible ink card lens is a good choice for cheat deck reading.

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